For the love of truth, good governance, peace and justice, I write to criticize, to constructively engage, to entertain and to chisel my views on politics, life, law and society into the woody hearts of mankind.

This site will educate you. It will broaden your small academic head while it resizes the world into the small joyful environment God intended it to be. This site will entertain you. It will make you smile and laugh and look young, not because I hate the layers of lotion you put on to hide wrinkles on your face and not because I hate the liquor you consume for entertainment, but because I believe your beautiful mind deserves an intellectual joke (if there is something of that sort).

I write for God. I beautify no immorality. I write for Africa. I don’t fancy western culture. I write for love. I direct no mind to the fields of materialism, corruption, hate or tribalism. This blog site is an emblem of peace, harmony and inseparability.

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